Electrical inspections and Roof moisture surveys are our specialty. We use electrical thermography to identify problems in electrical distribution systems.
Infrared imaging also allows us to conduct non-invasive electrical tests, to inspect wiring and motors for erosion or breakage. Once you know exactly where the problem is, it becomes much easier to repair quickly.
Infrared Scanning Service is available 24/7. Although we focus on preventative maintenance, we understand that unexpected events occur. We respond to emergency calls, any day or time. Many companies provide infrared inspections as one of many other services offered, but at ISS, this is our specialty.
Our business is independently owned and operated. The owner himself performs the inspections and prepares the report, so you won’t be dealing with subcontractors or inexperienced tradesmen. With 25 years of experience, we know our equipment inside and out, and your report will be easy to understand.
Once the survey is complete, and the paper is prepared and presented, we offer follow-up re-inspections after repairs and corrections noted in the initial report have been completed. We want our clients to be assured that those necessary repairs were successful. With a follow-up inspection, you can see the improvement immediately, or use it to diagnose a faulty repair or the need for additional repairs. electrical inspections are especially important to double check.
All reports are completed within 5-10 days, with major anomalies reported within 12 hours. Reports include colored thermograms and colored visual picture, the identification of and location of the problem, temperature differentials, suggested maintenance, equipment list and location, a priority schedule list, and technician copies, to ensure that they repair the problem quickly and correctly.
We also use this same infrared technology to conduct roof moisture surveys. Whether you need an electrical system inspected or want to identify moisture problems in your roof we can put our infrared thermograph technology to work for you. Give us a call today!


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Infrared Inspections for Electrical Distribution Systems

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